Our garden designer comes to your property for an extensive consultation where you can discuss everything about your garden or lack of it.

This is a fantastic service to help out for problem areas in your garden such as intrusive views from neighbouring properties, growing plants in shade & under trees, exposed balcony/court yard gardens and vegetable gardening in small spaces.

Advice can be provided on a range of horticultural and landscape matters from an overall garden design, plant selection, tree management, vegetable/fruit production, drainage, hard scaping, plant identification, sustainable design, weeds, pests, and diseases. Our designer can show you the potential of your property or introduce you to a new palette of plants to rejuvenate an existing landscape.


This is the ideal package for those not wanting a full landscape design but want a plan to work off as you build your garden. This is a perfect package for updating old fashioned front/rear gardens, creating privacy and modernising your outdoor space. This package helps remove a lot of the uncertainty when landscaping your home.

In this package our garden designer visits you at your property and discusses with you want you hope to achieve. During this initial meeting the designer and will walk through your property and take note of important features. The designer will then produce a concept plan of your new landscape detailing the position of garden beds, hard surfaces, and garden structures. You will also receive a schedule of all plants used in the design


Magazine photo perfect gardens don’t come naturally; they are meticulously designed to the smallest detail. Our garden designer spends time at your property gathering information from you on how you use the property and what you want from your new garden.

There are several steps in the design process and at the conclusion you will have a professional plan that you can present to landscape builder for quoting and construction.

Our design process:


Our landscape designer meets with you at your property to discuss your property and what you want to achieve in your new landscape.

Design Brief

From the initial meeting the landscape designer will create a design brief which will contain all the features and the type of design you want in your new garden.

Site Analysis

Trademark gardens will visit your home taking measurements, survey levels, soil samples, and noting existing vegetation/materials of importance.

Working drawings

Our garden designer will create several concept plans with 3D perspectives and present them to you for your approval. Once a concept design is agreed upon a master plan will be prepared.

Scale Master Plan

You will be presented with a scale professional CAD drawing and our garden designer will detail to you in person all elements of the design. This plan will also include a detailed plant schedule.


Once your scale Master Plan drawing is completed you have the option of the garden designer technically detailing the elements of your new landscape. A documentation plan contains details such as engineering details, planting plans, cost breakdowns, site levels & drainage, construction details/materials, irrigation systems and garden lighting.


Trademark Gardens can prepare for you a landscape plan specifying existing trees and vegetation suitable for submission to your local council.


Beautiful garden beds full of healthy lush plants require careful plant layout and soil preparation. It’s often said in the landscape industry there is no point putting a $10 plant in a 10 cent hole. Soil needs to be prepared correctly so your plants establish quickly and grow strong making them more resistant to diseases, pests, water logging and drought.

Plants also need to set out correctly with the right plants in the right position. Trademark Gardens can come to your garden and both set out and install your plants creating a beautiful garden for years to come.


Trademark garden can supply quality and hard to find plants for your garden at very competitive prices. Ideal in combination with a concept plan or full landscape design.




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